Saturday, March 3, 2012

My Etude house :D

Firstly hari ni hepi sgt2x cuz dpt brng yg dah lama mengidam..

1. Just get SHINee photobook
2. Get free goodies from Etude house 

Shinee photobook album ni dh lama kmpul duit n akhirnya dpt juga belinya tadi dgn harga murah..just get 20% diskaun hihi :)

Pas2 from etude house if we buy thing RM30 above we get free SHINee File (limtd edtion) n if we buy RM80 n abve we get SHINee diary ( lmited edtn) or maybe we get both :) Shawol will love+like it sooo23xx much! hihi :D

So i decided 2 buy RM80 item 2 get those 2 free gifts..but sadly they said the SHINee diary just out of stock  n this make me feel regret 4 grab it late..
However i'm still satisfy wth it cuz i just bought 2 lip bam + 2 hand cream Bee happy edtion 4 RM88 n i get 3 free gift :
1. SHINee folder
2. Mug of Bee happy edition
3. 2 BB cream foundation ( spf 30 + )
4, SHINee Diary ( suppose 2 get it but out of stock )! wuwwu

However thnkx ETUDE it so much..yeah!